The rising tide: why promoting Memphis is good for business

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” You’ve probably heard this phrase thrown around a time or two. When a community does well, so do its members. And when Memphis succeeds, so do its businesses and its citizens.

As communications professionals, it’s our responsibility to let everyone know the tide is coming in. In many ways, it’s our job to frame a positive story about Memphis, because we know that a favorable impression of Memphis also means a favorable impression for the clients and organizations we represent.

At the Greater Memphis Chamber, we know a thing or two about promoting Memphis to a local, national and even international audience. We work every day to attract business and talent to our region. Because more business means more people and more people means more money to spend on the products and services of our local companies.

Becoming a positive voice in sharing the Memphis story doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, here are three easy steps to get you started:

  1. Know the story. First things first – you have to know what’s worth celebrating. Fortunately, there are plenty of organizations dedicated to sharing the Memphis good news. For starters, you can check out our list of bragging rights – an up-to-date (and categorized) list of all the awards and recognition Memphis has received. Other great starting points are Choose901, I Love Memphis Blog and High Ground News. And if you want to keep up with the great things happening in the business world, you can always sign up for our weekly e-newsletter.
  1. Share the story. Now that you know the Memphis good news, it’s time to share it. Whether that’s on your personal social media feeds or those of the organization or client you represent, Memphis needs an online community of people excited about the transformational change happening around our city. The Bluff City may have its challenges, but cynicism and complaining never get us anywhere. Instead, we need people encouraging the change we do see. Other ways to share the love could be company newsletters, publications, everyday conversation or even a special place on your website acknowledging “Why Memphis.”
  1. Join the story. There’s no doubt that the most successful cities are the ones where the corporations and citizens give back. If your organization or client isn’t involved in community service, then maybe now is the time. There are endless initiatives and organizations you can partner with to make a difference. (May we recommend Memphis Clean by 2019?) And as a bonus, joining the story also helps create worthy PR opportunities for your own clients or organization. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all invested in the success and future of Memphis. As a communications professional and a citizen of this community, you can easily be part of the rising tide and contribute to the progress that’s changing our city for the better.

Jenny Fish is the Online Marketing Manager at the Greater Memphis Chamber. To learn more about the Chamber, you can visit their website at www.memphischamber.com, like them on Facebook (facebook.com/MemphisChamber) or follow them on Twitter (twitter.com/MemphisChamber).