Our Podcast

B2B communication with Christina

Promoting specialized businesses can be challenging. Christina takes matters into her own hands when creating content for her B2B clients. Your niche business should follow her lead!

Public Relations education with Ashley and Carlee

Event management is about more than having a great party. Murray explains why strategy and stellar execution are key to a gTwo recent public relations graduates share information about their respective PR programs, what they learned in the classroom and how that applies to the work they do today.

Climbing mountains and conquering business

Climbing the Seven Summits is no easy feat. Tom Lawrence shares how he prepares mentally, physically and emotionally for his adventurous climbs. As it turns out, there’s a lot that can be learned on the face of a mountain and applied to your office computer screen.

Nonprofit PR with Taylor

Nonprofits have great stories to tell, but you have to get your hands around the work before you can share the news! Taylor Jolley talks all things nonprofit PR.

Media pitching with Whitney

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Whitney Albert has valuable tips to share about media relations efforts in an ever-evolving media landscape.