Live: Tom Lawrence on Off the Rock, On the Record


Obsidian represents a number of small businesses, and as a small business ourselves, we’re committed to hosting conversations about small businesses that are relevant to people in all spaces. That’s why this season of Off the Rock, On the Record we’re celebrating Small Business Month by featuring a sampling of our small business clients, each with a unique story to tell beyond the work that they do in their daily job role.

Season three of Off the Rock, On the Record kicks off with guest Tom Lawrence of Benefit Recovery Group. OPR team member and host Whitney Albert talks with Tom about being a small business owner while pursuing his personal passion – mountain climbing.

If you’re reading this post or listening to the podcast as it airs May 2, then Tom is currently on Mount Everest, working his way toward the summit. After being life flighted off the mountain in spring 2018, Tom took essential steps to prepare his body and mind to tackle the mountain this year, which he shares with Whitney in the podcast.

Tom is able to apply lessons learned on the mountain to business and life, and you can stand to learn from them as well by listening to season three, episode one of Off the Rock, On the Record! Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.