Kelli Brignac

Senior Account Manager

Kelli is a Louisiana native, a die-hard LSU fan, an enigma who can fall asleep almost anywhere and a wannabe chef without the patience to cook gourmet meals. Grammatical errors – especially those made by professional writers – bother her more than they probably should. She maintains that the most embarrassing moment in her life was not when she fell on her face while cheering at a high school pep rally, but rather when she printed 200 wedding programs for her sister-in-law that said “procession of attendance” instead of “procession of attendants.” (She’s still the only one at the wedding who noticed.)

Kelli got in to public relations after hearing her mother (a college marketing professor) say she’d be good at it. After choosing the major because nothing else popped out of the course catalog, she fell in love with the writing-focused work, the creativity of the process and the ability to be on the front line of reaching people from all walks of life. After starting her career with the marketing department of a Louisiana restaurant company, Kelli joined Obsidian in 2011, where she’s been thriving ever since.

Kelli works with a variety of general business clients in the financial, health care and legal industries, along with representing clients that require significant social media expertise.

Outside of Obsidian, Kelli is the Executive Chaos Manager of a household that includes one husband (Blake), three daughters (Cecilia, Ruby and Mary Evelyn), one dog (Cash) and one cat (Bella Seta). She is particularly adept at coordinating schedules, making up stories about princesses and protecting dog food from children (sometimes).