Audra Myers

Account Assistant

The daughter of a pianist and graphic designer, Audra has always gravitated toward the arts. Her first passion was creative writing, and she cultivated her talents from a young age. She attended community college before beginning her journey at Mississippi State University, where she fell in love with public relations. It was through her various internships and university clubs that she came out of her shell and really discovered a desire to interact and develop relationships with others. Audra is excited to continue growing this skill set at Obsidian. 

As a foodie and native Mississippian, Audra is eager to learn about and become more entrenched in the Memphis community, especially the local cuisine. In her free time, she likes to listen to audiobooks, preferably horror. Audra is a big movie buff, so she jumps at the chance to talk film. She also has a small resin art business and enjoys creating pieces for customers.