OPR Predictions for 2019

We’re BACK in the office and 2019 is now in full swing! Many of you may spend the next week or so doing the same thing I’m doing – looking forward and planning for the year ahead.

In public relations, planning is essential but simultaneously challenging. Our industry is ever-changing, and that means our plans must be fluid. But, we can look at trends and try to determine what changes we’ll see in the next 12 months. Here are my predictions for public relations and Obsidian in 2019.



For the last 10 years, social media has been gaining significance in our field. Now, many companies have professionals whose sole responsibility is managing social platforms. For local and small businesses, industry-specific businesses and business-to-business companies, the growth has been slower. But, it seems to be cresting, and companies who didn’t need to be on social media previously will need to commit to at least a few platforms.

With that being said, I think social media will become more segmented and targeted in 2019. I believe businesses will shed platforms that don’t speak to their target audience, or create completely different (but cohesive) strategies for each of their profiles. In recent months, it’s become apparent that a one-size-fits-all approach to social media does not drive traffic, and businesses are beginning to adjust.



Video and photography have historically been used as storytelling tools. As technology becomes more affordable, businesses can now create stories using devices they already have in their pocket. I predict that to stand out on social media and in other digital spaces, businesses will need to create strategies around multimedia content.

Even though the products have become more affordable, multimedia projects still take a significant amount of time and effort to create. Therefore, businesses will need to carefully craft digital strategies to ensure all assets will be used efficiently and effectively BEFORE they start creating content.



Experience and word of mouth have always been powerful motivators. But at no point in history have consumers felt so empowered to share their experiences or had the reach to disseminate messages beyond their social circles. I predict that this reach will continue to grow and that businesses will need to prepare specific plans on how to respond and handle customer feedback in public spaces. Understanding the many channels consumers have to share their experiences and tightening customer service policies will be critical for businesses to manage their cultural perception.



We’re a jet-setting bunch of ladies! Last year, our team took a celebratory trip to California at the end of the year. Soon, we’ll pack our bags and head to the Caribbean! You can look forward to warm, sunny photos on a social media feed near you.



If 2018 is any indication, Obsidian is trending upward. We’ve brought on amazing new clients and seen long-standing accounts grow as well. More than anything, we’re grateful for our amazing client partners. In 2019, I predict that we’ll bring more, amazing clients into our firm.