Obsidian PR Turns 10: Retrospective from Owner Courtney Ellett

nwbObsidian0056When asked about the early days of Obsidian, I always come back with the same response – I started at home with two clients and a laptop.
Sure, that is an accurate account of our founding and one I’ll continue to use when asked. But as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary this month, that standard statement has developed much more meaning and gravity for me personally and for our entire team, many of whom have witnessed the exciting growth and evolution of our firm.
Perhaps, I’ve leaned on that simple reply to showcase how a passion can take root and bloom into something wonderful. Maybe I say that to encourage others to pursue their own dreams. Or maybe I respond that way so everyone who asks understands that humble beginnings can be the best of beginnings. Quite possibly, it’s all of these.
As I reflect on a decade of service, it means the most to me that while we’re not the exact company operating on a shoestring out of my home, the same internal spark that inspired me when I opened Obsidian is still ever-present and on display. But not just in me (thank goodness). And that is what is so inspiring to see. That is why we’ve become the company we are today.
Our entire team feels an urge to succeed, an urge to learn and an urge to care… I mean, really care. There exists a lively love affair with our profession, our clients and our community. We see that what we do matters and can change lives and change organizations. Together, we celebrate wins, grieve losses and find solutions, just as any close family does.
So, yes, in the last 10 years, we’ve served more than 250 clients, provided pro bono services to dozens of nonprofits, won awards, been home to countless PR interns and mentored many more. But what we’re really celebrating today is the commitment to stay ever-hungry, ever-passionate and ever-humble – just as I felt staring at my laptop so many years ago at my kitchen table.