Obsidian is hiring!

Obsidian is looking for a dynamic professional with at least two years of PR experience to join our team. Think you fit the bill? Your headshot could be added to our roster of experts soon.

If you’re still reading, you might need a little convincing. That’s OK; making a career move is a big decision. But coming to work for Obsidian is one you won’t regret.

Why Obsidian?

As you’re building your professional career, you want to gain robust, diverse experience. There isn’t a better place to do that in Memphis than Obsidian. We represent organizations of all sizes and industries. You can expand your knowledge, test your skills and grow professionally at our firm.

But growing professionally is just as much about who you’re working with as the clients you’re working for. Obsidian’s directors and account managers have been with the firm for almost eight years on average. That means the team you would work with not only has deep industry experience, but they also understand how to succeed at Obsidian and can pass that wisdom on to you. Plus, it’s a good look when your account partners have enjoyed their role enough to stay in their job almost twice as long as the national average.

What are the perks?

A lot of companies offer similar benefits – retirement packages, health insurance and maybe coffee in the break room if you’re lucky. Obsidian provides the best benefits package that can be offered, and it’s fully paid by the firm (including the coffee). While we could go one about our flexible work schedule, six weeks of paid time off per year, incentive trips to the Caribbean and fully paid family leave, we’ll spare you the details. Earning the title of Memphis’ Best Place to Work in 2021 speaks for itself.

Ready to apply? We’re ready to meet you.