New Year, New You

So, every day I tell myself, “You’re going to make it to the gym, you’re going to make it happen today!” By the time I leave the office, at 5:45 (most nights), it’s already dark in Dallas and it’s winter, so my motivation to make it to the gym has plummeted. I need to fix this and want to, but how do I break this routine? It just takes two steps: throw on tennis shoes and drive to the gym. Right? I thought that, but it also takes focus and dedication and re-engaging yourself to want to feel better – not sit slumped on the couch every night.socrates

I’m putting a stop to this no-working-out business and want to share a few helpful secrets that gave me the motivation to start moving again and stay on track, even if it’s cold out!

Make an investment.

Try a new workout class like The Barre Code or invest in new workout apparel to help bare the freezing temps outside. Fun workout classes make working out so much better and are an easier way to adjust to a workout routine again. You invest in a lot of things in life and most are not focused on your overall health and well-being. Save up, and you’ll find the biggest reward from relieving stress from a workout!

Make the cold winter months work for you.
I’m a huge fan of going on a walk. No matter what the temperature is, I grab my dog, Blakeley, and head for the Katy Trail. After 30 minutes, I feel better and my body temperature increases while I reduce my stress levels and bask in a peaceful environment for an hour or so. (Blakeley does chase after squirrels every now and then, but it’s still a great way to take my mind off work or other things happening without my cell phone.)

Reassess your fitness goals.

What do you want to get out of it? How committed are you? I have to ask these questions quite often. List the reasons you have for prioritizing exercise, and think about everything you’ve achieved in 2014 toward your goals. How are you going to keep it going and take it up a notch in 2015?

Get back to the basics.

Winter is also a great time to get back to square one. Identify what you need to improve on and get stronger. Now is the time to do that for the long term. Think in terms of useful fitness. Don’t do exercises that won’t lead you to your goals.

This is the perfect start to get re-energized and ready for the new year! Bring it on, cold weather!