New hobbies we’ve discovered while quarantining

As we’ve now been working from home for almost a month, the Obsidianites have had plenty of time to learn more about ourselves – including our new (or forgotten) hobbies! With time on our side, we’ve listed out a few of our favorite things to do below. We hope some of these will spark creative ideas of new things for you to try at home with your family! 

Addison – I’ve committed to decorating my house and doing some other home improvement projects I’ve been meaning to do since we moved in!

Ashley – I’ve started running more.

Brittany – Puzzles – I forgot how much I loved them!

Carlee – I’ve started working on puzzles again! I bought a few on sale while at the grocery store, and they’ve been incredibly entertaining (and frustrating). I’m also attempting to watch classic Disney movies – I started with “The Aristocats.”

Christina – Cooking! Before all this, I had lost much of my motivation to cook and have been doing takeout or visiting restaurants every day. Now that I’m at home, I’ve started feeling inspired again. I’ve experimented on several different pasta dishes and Thai and Indian curries.

Courtney – I’m relying on my streaming services a lot more during this time as I revisit some old favorites and start some new shows.

Jenna – Anyone who knows me knows my absolute favorite thing to do is listen to music and watch live performances, and luckily, I live with roommates who are the same way. To combat our no-show blues, we’ve been playing old records in our “orange room” facing Madison Avenue and the P&H Cafe to get the same sort of feel.

Kelli – Not really a hobby…but when I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher. I didn’t know I’d become one in the weirdest possible way. I spend more time than I expected coming up with age-appropriate preschool lessons and crafts for my kids so they can keep learning. And I’m figuring out how to use what we have rather than  ordering actual classroom supplies I may not need again. I’ve shared a lot of my stuff with friends who have preschoolers, and it’s been a bit of an outlet for all of us to make sure our kids are still progressing! However, I learned the hard way that water bead spills are really hard to clean up, and I’m never buying them again.

Murray – I’ve had time to try new recipes.

Taylor – Baking bread! I have recently started to explore new methods of making bread, and I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Whitney – Regularly exercising! Now that I have a lot of time to fill, I’ve renewed my love for getting in a good workout. It also helps me unwind in the evenings.