My First Intern Spot

Starting the year off with an intern position with Obsidian is a relief. After having numerous interviews with employers and filling out tons of applications, I was excited about my first opportunity to use my degree in public relations at the Memphis firm.

My first week was amazing. I started with an orientation of the building, learning about processes and meeting the staff both locally and in Dallas, Texas. As time passed, I began getting acquainted with “Corporate America.” I realized that no one tells me to go on break any more; whenever I choose to take one is up to me. No more inconsistent work schedules and no more searching for a silly nametag. The workload hours of 30 to 40 hours a week was no longer an option; it was a necessity.

Out of all the jobs I’ve had, this is the only one I would actually do happily for free. (I’m in a Level 1 position, and Obsidian does offer a Level 2 paid internship). I get a thrill when I’m asked to do a task for an account manager or to search the newspaper for client mentions. I take pride in working for a respectable firm that handles PR for more than 50 accounts on any given day. I enjoy the perks of having a connection to the real world – outside the walls of academia.

During my time here, I hope to learn the pros and cons of working in a public relations firm to see if agency life is a good professional road for me. Specifically, I would like to learn how the firm handles crisis management. Crisis management was one of my favorite topics in undergraduate studies. I admire it because it spurs creativity in a high-pressure situation.

I also look forward to networking with our clients and our colleagues. Obsidian has a great reputation in the community, and I would love to share their story with other people who are unaware of their work. I plan to improve my writing, learn about the client needs and give my best effort while I’m working in the intern position.

I am excited to know what the future brings working for this firm. I honestly believe this internship is a stepping stone for me to launch a successful career in public relations.