Three tools to provide your stakeholders to help them accurately share your message

In this digital world we live in, it’s never been easier to spread your organization’s message far and wide. However, as you’re working to get your key messages out on your organization’s official platforms, it can be easy to forget to utilize the most useful advocates for your cause – your current audience. Your current donors are the living, breathing personal testimonials that potential donors may need to seal the deal on their desire to donate. Local influencers who love to eat out are well-known public figures who can encourage their followers to visit your restaurant. Every industry has examples of stakeholders who can do some of the legwork for your business and assist in sharing your brand’s message. 

In order for this to work, however, you must first set them up for success. Below are three tools we suggest you provide your stakeholders with to help them effectively, accurately and easily share your brand’s message. 

Brand guidelines

The creation of a brand guidelines document is crucial for every business. Brand guidelines communicate a variety of things about your brand, including your brand identity (key messages, mission, core values, personality, tone, word preferences etc.) and brand assets (logo, color palette, typeface, etc.) No matter where your organization is featured and no matter who is communicating on behalf of your brand, the message should be clear and consistent. The formation of a comprehensive brand guidelines document helps achieve this uniformity for your brand. In turn, prospective audiences will learn to recognize and connect with your brand. 

Sample social media posts 

No matter your industry, it’s highly likely that your organization and your organization’s stakeholders have some kind of social media presence. If you want to encourage shareholders to share information about your brand on their personal platforms, make it easy for them to do so! Craft sample social media postings, based on the platforms you want them to focus on, that they can simply copy and paste or that they can mimic and adjust slightly to match their own personal voice. 

High-quality visuals 

In our media-rich online world, we are all engaged first and foremost by sight, so great visual elements are incredibly important for every brand. Whether it’s a bank of photos, videos or graphically designed materials, you’ll want to make sure you supply your shareholders with top-notch visuals they can share along with your brand’s key messages. 

If your organization is seeking assistance assembling your brand’s toolbelt, Obsidian is just one phone call away!