We are SO looking forward to this.

When I think about freely leaving my home to again enjoy my favorite activities, the soundtrack playing in my head is “Out There” from Disney’s 1996 adaptation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” It’s dramatic, I know, but it was my favorite as a kid, and the song melodramatically describes my feelings in the moment. But, we’ve only been safely spending our days at home for a few months, and we know that one day soon we will get to enjoy our favorite pastimes once again.

Obsidian is a firm full of forward, wishful thinkers. And we’re dreaming of our soon-coming day “out there” and how we’ll spend it. Not surprisingly, we’re all looking forward to different, beautiful things. And just sharing these thoughts boosted morale and gave us something to look forward to – hopefully, it will do the same for you! 

Christina Babu

I’m looking forward to sitting on a restaurant or bar patio to enjoy the Memphis weather, people watch and simply be part of society again. I feel like spring in Memphis is the best season for that, so I’m hoping we have at least a few weeks left of bearable temperatures before it gets too hot. Also, it sounds silly, but I’m ready to get back to the gym and resume my CycleBar subscription. Virtual workouts are better than nothing, but they’re not quite cutting it!

Lauren Hannaford

I’m looking forward to a lot of quality time with my family, as I’ll be on leave adjusting to life with two children. Sounds fun, right? I hope we can enjoy a few fun activities, like going to the Memphis Zoo and Memphis Botanic Garden, pool days at the YMCA and finally returning to our church. Other than that, I am definitely planning to sneak away for some alone time at a spa, a movie, a waltz around Target – anything!

Gracie Lee

Lake trips! Those who know me know that I don’t love being inside, so I can’t wait to freely soak up some sunshine again. I am my happiest when I’m on a boat, so I’m really hoping to get out on the water this summer.

Whitney Albert

I hope to get in a live show or two this summer. I’ll be on the lookout for coming attractions at The Orpheum, Cannon Center and Playhouse on the Square. And, if I can get a great concert in as well, that’ll be icing!

Carlee Smith

This summer, I hope to return to as close to “normal” as possible. I love going to concerts, so I’m hopeful that local bands will pick up the torch to soothe my live music itch. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with friends at the pool and going out to restaurants. The first thing on my to-do list? A mani-pedi!

Courtney Ellett

Our family is seriously craving trips to the Memphis Zoo and local museums. Those community assets are a major part of our summer adventures. Personally, I can’t wait to visit the theater again and dine in my favorite restaurants across town.

Kelli Brignac

I’m ready for daycare to reopen. Is that sad? My oldest is very obviously a major extrovert, and she’s starting to crack without friends her age. Selfishly, I really want them to have a place to go once the new baby is born…and keeping them engaged with learning is going to be more difficult once I’m not getting much sleep! Otherwise, I’m just ready to have somewhere to go. My oldest asked yesterday when we could go back to the library, and she wants our neighborhood pool to reopen so she can use the big slide.

Murray Lace

I hope to be able to travel again! I’m a sucker for a good beach trip, so that will be on my radar for sure. With friends (some of whom are expecting – YAY!) spread out across the South, I’ll want to go visit them and their new additions, as well.

Addison Walker 

This is our first summer in our house, so we’re excited to start inviting friends over to cook out! We’ve started landscaping and other decor-related things, and I’m excited to entertain! I’m also excited to go out to eat again; I’m way hungrier these days because my cooking is subpar.

Brittany Mizell

I’m excited to go back to concerts again! I was supposed to go to a few this summer, but it’s not looking like that will happen! There’s a Harry Styles concert coming up that I’m really hoping will pull through and still happen, but we just don’t know.

Jenna Taylor

A lot of my summer plans were pushed to fall, and that’s OK – now, I’m more so looking forward to getting to experience a semi-normal night out! I keep getting nostalgic about going to live shows, getting together for karaoke at the P&H and having brunch with friends. It’s the little things. I definitely feel like this experience has humbled me, and I appreciate getting to do those things a whole lot more now.

Ashley Schaller

I’m hoping I’ll get to travel this summer! I love trying new things, so getting to visit someplace new, even if it’s regionally, would be exciting. I’ve made (tentative) plans to go on more hikes, try kayaking and exploring with my friends. Maybe this will help me find a new hobby!

Taylor Jolley

I’ve had a sinking suspicion confirmed for me over the last seven weeks – I am a homebody. There is no place, literally no place, I would rather be than at home. But there is still part of me that aches for a backyard barbecue with my family or a trip to Saddle Creek. Online shopping just isn’t doing it for me! I also deeply miss my yoga studio – my golden retriever has a knack for disrupting my at-home flows.