…And we’re LIVE! The benefits of incorporating streaming across your social

What’s the latest trend in social media content creation? While it may not be a new concept, more brands are starting to incorporate streaming content into their platforms. Over the last year, we’ve seen a huge increase in brands utilizing new social platforms and features like Instagram’s IGTV, Reels and livestreaming, Twitter Fleets, Facebook Live and TikTok. The pandemic created an influx of internet surfers on the hunt for new content to stream and keep them entertained – and brands are answering the call. 

What if I told you that you could utilize these social platforms’ livestreaming features to your advantage to help tell your brand’s story? I share a few examples to get you started below.

Chat about it

You pitch an interview to the media, but something timely takes place in town and now your coverage fell through. For situations like these (or when you just don’t land the interview), you can use your social platforms to help get your message across. Who says you need a news station to be interviewed? By using Instagram or Facebook’s Live feature, you can reach your followers by hosting a Q&A or sharing your message through a personal story. A cool highlight about these features is that the app alerts your followers whenever you go live, so that they never miss a stream.

Check it out

The pandemic ignited a spark in creativity in content creators. After a while, scrolling through social media and watching television just didn’t cut it for people anymore, so they turned to videos to learn a new hobby. Although tutorials and YouTube have always gone hand in hand, other platforms can be just as handy when it comes to sharing a video tutorial through live content. Not only can you share tutorials on how to participate in certain activities or hobbies, you can also share experiences through video to give audiences a firsthand feel of your product, mission, story, etc. 

Change it up 

Another effective opportunity to boost your brand via livestreaming is by hosting webinars, streamed shows or events. Offer up your company leaders to conduct an educational session, explain your brand’s mission or share a professional development lesson. Educational events can attract a more diverse demographic and can positively impact your brand’s reputation.

Unlike traditional videos, live videos allow for a direct line of communication with your audience. They feel more organic because they are! Trying a few of these ideas could help spice up your feed and introduce your company to new audiences. Have you started streaming yet? Let us know about your successes in the comments!