Kelli’s Top 10 Memes

If you ask some of my co-workers at Obsidian, they would probably tell you I’ve got a lolcat for every occasion. But if I’m being honest, we all have a few choice memes that make their way around our office now and then. To celebrate Obsidian’s 10th anniversary, here are my top 10 memes for the workday.

  1. When you’ve got a packed schedule, a hundred things to do, not enough sleep and a “let’s do this” attitude:

We all get busy, but we love our jobs! The awesome coffee supply and the team support help, of course.

  1. When the weather is bad but Obsidian is laptop-based so everyone gets their work done from home:

One thing I love about Obsidian is that we’re flexible. If there’s an inch of ice on the roads or tornados expected, we’re advised to stay safe and work at home. It’s great that a lot of what we do can be taken care of even if we can’t get out of the house!

  1. When it’s your birthday, anniversary or some other special event and the Obsidian team makes you feel special:

I don’t live in Memphis anymore, but it doesn’t stop the team from making me feel special. I was actually out on maternity leave on my birthday recently, but my wonderful co-workers mailed me a card and called my husband to find out what type of gift I would like. They’re the best!

  1. When we’re editing… we’re always editing:

At Obsidian, we’re sticklers for proper spelling and grammar in everything we write. The lolcats get a pass.

  1. When you’re making a pitch for a client:There’s actually a story to this. A few years ago I would trade lolcats with a reporter who enjoyed them as much as I do. This one accompanied an email about Southern College of Optometry!
    Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.13.05 AM
  1. When no one understands what PR really is:

A lot of people think I’m Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. (I’m not.) Some people think I’m an event planner. (I plan events for clients sometimes, but it is not my primary job.) What I can say is that Obsidian does PR, and we do it really well!

  1. When someone on your team has a huge win for a client:

Glen Coco makes lots of appearances around Obsidian!

  1. When we sign a new client:
  1. When your boss lets you telecommute, gives you paid maternity leave, closes the office for the holidays, pays for your health insurance, offers a great retirement plan, offers clear advancement opportunities, tries to sign clients you’ll enjoy working for and in general has a solid set of priorities:

Courtney, Crissy and Kerri are all great to work for. And this is not me sucking up!

  1. When you realize you love your job:

When I accepted my job at Obsidian four years ago, I really didn’t know how much I would love working here. Here’s to 10 years – and hoping I’m around for the next 10!