‘It’s wedding season’ — and a few of our other fave commercials right now

We all have our favorite advertising campaigns, and one of my favorites right now is SouthwestAirlines’ “Wedding Season.” This is a continuation of the fall’s campaign of the same name, featuring the same dancing gal at multiple different weddings (touting Southwest’s fare sale). But, what makes an ad campaign great? In this particular campaign, it’s the humor and strategy. The creative geniuses behind Southwest’s Wedding Season campaign developed something around what is a very true reality for many women (and men) right now – wedding after wedding after wedding in city after city after city. They achieved a fun campaign that resonates in a fun way and that some experts think might lead to the eventual marriage of the dancing girl (considering she caught the bouquet in this one). We will see what Southwest comes up with next!


What other campaigns are we loving and watching closely? Here are a few of our faves and why we love them!

The Sonic Guys:

Yes, they’ve been around awhile (a long while), but they still make us chuckle. Kerri sent her favorite one running right now.

The Sonic Guys: Tax Day

And Sarah L. added this to our beloved Sonic Guys series.

United Healthcare: Our Song

Ali and Chelsey both shared this one, which I hadn’t seen yet. We love how funny it is, but what a great way to tie in the message of their Virtual Clinics (which is exactly what they want you to take away from the commercial).


Android: Friends fur-ever

You can never go wrong with animals, right? Intern Brooke shared this one – and oodelally, it’s a cutie. The message? You don’t have to follow the same trends as everyone else. Be unique.


Samuel Adams Boston Lager:“History Channel: Sons of Liberty”

Sarah B. shared this one and all its wit. What a great tie-in to pop culture and the history of the brewery (and its namesake).

Lowe’s: Fitted Sheets

We’ve all been there – nothing is more frustrating than folding a fitted sheet, and the folks at Lowe’s have tapped into that very thing with their “Fitted Sheets” commercial. Relevant and still hitting home the original message (Lowe’s can help you DIY anything and leave you feeling empowered), it’s a great mixture of humor and branding.


Subaru: Loyalty and Backseat

I have to agree with Courtney – the Subaru commercials are pretty wonderful. They showcase the brand as a feeling: love. And they humanize their brand in a very effective way. Their commercials show their commitment to safety and loyalty as a reliable and trusted vehicle. And none is as sweet as this particular commercial.


Allstate: Mayhem

And as Kelli said, “I find that most commercials annoy me way more than they are great, but I do have a renewed love for Mayhem ever since the most awesome campaign ever with the Mayhem Sale at the Sugar Bowl.” I have to agree – that was a great campaign bringing home the point that, well, if you’re not home, your stuff isn’t necessarily safe! Really, Kelli likes all of Mayhem, so check out the series on the Allstate YouTube account here.


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