Introducing From the Rock

Welcome to Obsidian PR’s new blog, From the Rock. A quick shout-out goes to our colleague Thomas Whitehead for naming our new endeavor. Thank you, Thomas!

From the Rock is an obvious reference to our company’s namesake – Obsidian, the dark natural glass that forms when molten lava meets water and is rapidly cooled. But it’s more than that. This is also what strategic public relations can do for an organization − it tempers fires and gives you a solid, impenetrable foundation in an ever-fluid business environment. Known as The Great Stabilizer, Obsidian the mineral is widely regarded for its mystical power of insight. And so is Obsidian the firm.

To that end, you’ll be reading weekly insights from our team members on topics ranging from PR fundamentals and trends in social media to small business tips and communication pitfalls.