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Staff Spotlight – D’Marius Gillespie

Summer is an exciting time at Obsidian! Our office usually grows by one or two employees as we welcome summer interns to our ranks. This year, we have two wonderful interns, and you’ll get to learn more about one of them today!

D’Marius was introduced to Obsidian last summer when he shadowed a few of our employees. During his short stint with the firm, we were impressed with his level of professionalism, writing strength and overall attitude toward our work. So, when we found out he was looking for a professional internship this summer, it was an easy decision to bring him on as a Level 2 Intern! Read on to learn more about his story:



Far beyond any accolade I’ve ever received, simply earning a full-ride athletic scholarship to a Division I university is my proudest accomplishment. It took a lot of sacrifices and hard work for me to reach that point, so I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that accomplishment has exposed me to.



Honestly, I had no clue what PR was until my athletic academic advisor, Dr. Kathy Parker (shout-out to her!), told me that she thought I would be good at it. I followed her guidance and ended up loving the major!



In 10 years, I would love to be in a position to where I can elevate others in their careers. I know that’s a lot to want for my early 30s, but I’ve always had a mindset like that. I don’t really have specifics of how at the moment, but having a goal is a great starting point for making it happen.



I wanted to make myself more marketable for job opportunities. Plus, I was presented with a great opportunity to work as a graduate assistant on campus, and I couldn’t possibly turn that down!



The most exciting part of my educational journey has been mastering things I didn’t understand initially. There hasn’t been a specific moment, but those little milestones along the way have been very exciting for me.



    1. 2019 World Series – Houston Astros
    2. 2019 College World Series – Vanderbilt or Arkansas… Deep down, I want Ole Miss to make a run solely because I have a good friend that plays for them.
    3. 2019-20 CFP National Championship – Something inside of me wants to say Clemson, but after the way last year’s game went down, I know Alabama is coming back with a vengeance. So… Alabama!



“Control the controllables.” I know I won’t be able to control everything that goes on around me once my professional life is in full swing. But, I can always control my attitude and effort. As long as I can keep those two things working in my favor, then I can face any adversity knowing I will make it through to the other side.