Inside OPR

Professional and fun – we can do both!

We kicked off July with professional development for the whole team featuring expertise from Murray and Victoria. We learned about the nuanced ins and outs of event planning, strengthening our team’s ability to collaborate as we build stellar event plans for our clients. The next day, we spent the morning touring the Dixon’s “Zao Wou Ki: Watercolors and Ceramics” exhibition. In a diversion from the Dixon’s traditional works, this collection featured works of abstract expressionism by the Chinese-born artist, whose style transitioned from large-scale oil paintings to nature-focused watercolor works later in life.   

But July wasn’t reserved only for the arts! Carlee, Courtney, Whitney and Victoria spent an afternoon at Shoot 360 Memphis learning about basketball training technology and got to look at one of the practice programs! While she won’t quite make the Grizzlies lineup, we wouldn’t challenge Carlee to a game of HORSE anytime soon. 

We ended our month with Gracie’s birthday lunch at Cafe Olé, where we recapped her recent trip to see the Eras Tour in Denver!