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New year, same fun at Obsidian! 

Happy 2023! Our crew kicked off the year celebrating the milestones of fellow Memphians. Addison, Carlee, Jenna and Christina stepped out onto the scene at Molly Fontaine’s Lounge to wish Holly Whitfield, former editor of I Love Memphis, well on her journey as the new digital content creator…

Happy birthday, Jenna! 

Friday who? When birthdays are in order, we celebrate any day of the week – especially when it comes to our team. We joined together to celebrate our resident Virgo and media relations queen, Jenna, on her 27th birthday.

A challenge, but a fun challenge

I love a challenge, but I really love a fun challenge. The last year of my life and naming a couple tracks that speak to my experiences were just that. The period from August 2021-August 2022 was nothing short of eventful. Let’s recap. Can you juggle? Oh, you…

Cheers to Gracie’s birthday!

What makes a birthday even happier? Why, happy hour, of course! We kicked off the weekend with happy hour at Hen House to celebrate Gracie's birthday. Cheers to you, Gracie!

Happy birthday, Taylor!

Summer is for celebration. What's better than starting your morning at City Silo for breakfast? An OPR team breakfast to celebrate Taylor's birthday!

Birthday season at OPR

Springtime at OPR means much more than blooming flowers and trees – it's birthday season for three of our teammates! In honor of Lauren's birthday (April 25), Courtney's birthday (May 10) and Christina's birthday (May 16), we celebrated with Friday margaritas and good times at Salsa. Happy birthday…

The Season, a novel by Carlee Smith

While I’m known around the office as a music lover (specifically a Spotify fanatic), I rediscovered my love for reading over the past year, so why not lean into that to talk about my past year at Obsidian? The last 365 days were a whirlwind, and they continue…

Alexa, play the Trolls soundtrack!

It took me quite a while to finally land on the Trolls original motion picture soundtrack to fairly represent my year in 2021. I couldn’t find an album under just one genre that spoke to the rollercoaster-like ups and downs of the year so it just made sense…