Inside OPR

Get to know Gracie

If our office had a good-time guru, that person would be Gracie. While she’s always down for a good time, she’s also an incredibly hard worker and serves her clients with tactful excellence. Gracie is one of our traditional intern-to-full-time hires, and we can’t believe how much she’s grown professionally in her time at the firm. Learn more about Gracie in this month’s staff spotlight! 

You’re nearly four years into your career at Obsidian – is where you are today where you envisioned you would be when you started out as an intern in 2016?

Time sure does fly by! I’m so thankful for the professional growth I’ve gone through these past four years at Obsidian. I feel confident and comfortable in my role as account executive, and that’s definitely what I hoped for when I started out as an intern back in 2016.  

Takeout is one of the trends of 2020 (whether we like it or not). Have any tips to amp up your to-go order experience?

Takeout is definitely a trend that’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. If I’m placing a to-go order, I typically like to plate it when I get home. It weirdly tastes better to me when it’s out of the Styrofoam! 

You support a diverse roster of clients. What do you appreciate about supporting clients with unique and varied needs?

I truly enjoy working with clients in so many different industries. The diversity has really helped me develop as a PR professional. Working with various industries made me realize that learning is very exciting! With each new client, you learn the ins and outs of the industry – the jargon, the culture, the competition, etc. It’s exciting to be knowledgeable in so many different areas.  

Any hidden Downtown gems we should know about?

How much time do you have? I could talk about this all day! Looking for a great cup of coffee? Head to Vice & Virtue. Looking for a craft cocktail? Check out BarWare. Take a walk around the South Main area, and you’ll stumble upon some true Downtown gems! 

When we’re in the office, you’re one of our most focused team members. Have any tips to help the rest of us stick to and knock out our to-do lists?

I put my headphones in and listen to white noise throughout the day so I don’t get too distracted! 

If you had to guess, what is going to be the next big social media trend for businesses?

I think that stories are not going to slow down. Stories have been one of the biggest social media trends of the past couple of years, so if your business isn’t using them – get with it! Interactive stories are great ways to connect with and grab the attention of your target audience.