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Alexa, play the Trolls soundtrack!

It took me quite a while to finally land on the Trolls original motion picture soundtrack to fairly represent my year in 2021. I couldn’t find an album under just one genre that spoke to the rollercoaster-like ups and downs of the year so it just made sense that this soundtrack – one filled with a hodgepodge of tunes – would fit all of the different types of things I experienced.  

Title track: So many feelings

To begin, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by none other than Justin Timberlake himself may have been our 2021 anthem. When I say “our,” I mean my whole family, including my two kiddos who are now 5 and 2. My oldest learned how to work Alexa and has been playing all kinds of music. But his favorite thing to play is the Trolls soundtrack and this song makes both kids dance and jump up and down. It’s our anthem because we had a happy year and we can’t stop that feeling! Or, I can’t stop the feeling that comes along with hearing it on repeat for a solid hour at dinner every night, perhaps.

The single: Shhhhhh!

Next, I am living my best life when it’s quiet and I can take a few minutes to sit in silence – just ask my husband. So, “The Sound of Silence,” a Simon & Garfunkel original and sung by Anna Kendrick for the movie, may just have been my own personal anthem last year. In April, I celebrated my 12th year at Obsidian and was treated to a relaxing, quiet three days at Lake Austin Spa Resort. It was the ultimate gift of silence that Courtney bestowed on me, and I soaked up every second, ready to get home to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” when my trip came to an end. Although the song’s lyrics are a little bit…odd…in certain parts, the overall theme fits me. 

The chart-topper: My feet hurt

“Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior, again performed by Anna Kendrick for “Trolls,” wraps up my last year as I felt like I was in constant motion, never slowing down, both personally and professionally! There were highs and lows that kept us moving, moving, moving and made us very tired. But I’m looking forward to all the positive momentum and good things on our horizon, especially for my family and at Obsidian! 

“Trolls” is no doubt a colorful, fun-filled soundtrack that speaks to all of life’s many emotions. For me, it represents an epic journey in different ways. I can only hope the excitement that ensues when someone shouts “Alexa, play the Trolls soundtrack!” stays around for years to come.