Why it’s important to always continue learning

As I approached graduation during my fourth and final year of college, I cannot tell you how excited I was to never have to attend class or submit homework again. Think about it – we spend the majority of our adolescence learning in a classroom of some sort. To finally be done with that phase of my life was something I dreamed about since I was six years old.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that to stay on top of everything going on around you, one can never truly stop learning. If we stopped learning, you’d probably never get a promotion or learn to salsa dance or figure out the new Snapchat update. Learning is an integral part of being human.

I’ve also come to realize that learning, when it’s done on your own volition and about materials that interest you, is fun. I get excited when I learn a new tip to revolutionize my day, or when I can fill in the “why” gap while I’m cooking. Learning is an amazing, exciting piece of life that should never be lost.

The best thing is, thanks to the internet, learning never has to be boring! Not only that, but you can learn about anything you’ve ever wanted. There are TED Talks, webinars and podcasts on every topic under the sun. Even simpler, you can find an infographic on Pinterest or a five-minute video on YouTube to answer any question. Want to better your company’s culture and communication? Want to learn more about popular conspiracy theories? I promise, there is something out there that will inform you about all of those topics.

Beyond learning about things, you can also learn from people. The digital age has broadened our horizons, allowing us to connect with people we physically wouldn’t have had access to 50 years ago. Now, we have the opportunity to expand our understanding, experience culture, and build meaningful connections that will make us better people.

In an age where the topic of self-care is becoming more prevalent with every passing day, I can’t think of a better way to invest in yourself than to continue learning. Read a self-help book on saving money so you can finally go on that trip overseas you’ve always dreamed of. Learn a second language or brush up on your skills from high school or college. Watch a documentary on a business owner you admire to grow as an employee. Learning is a way to grow as an individual, a way to treat yourself and a way to better the lives around you – what’s more important than that?