How to take advantage of our digital advantages

Sure, we’re all tired of hearing about the “new normal,” but maybe that’s because it’s a misnomer. Is anything really normal? If you’re privileged enough to still be working, you’re likely feeling the pains of trashed plans and toppled timelines. But all is not lost – it’s time to start thinking and working toward the future. We’re fortunate that we work in the digital age, a time when physical distance doesn’t prevent connection. You can continue to connect with your clients, your audience and customers in ways you never have before. 

Leveraging video to connect during a time of social distancing

While we’re learning how to deal with life in a pandemic, organizations are trying their best to stay connected, and sometimes emails just don’t get the job done. Some people work best when they hear directly from you and are able to discuss topics conversationally. That’s why platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom video conferencing are essential tools you can use to keep in touch with your team. 

These platforms allow you to communicate with your entire team (sometimes all at once) to get the feel of an in-person meeting. This could unlock future opportunities for your team to work remotely, hire talent outside of your area or pursue client relationships beyond your traditional geographic limitations. 

“Live” is taking on a new meaning

It’s undeniable that video is king right now. People crave live content, and live video streaming on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are more popular than ever. If your business has a message to share, consider taking it live. Plan your message in advance, find a neutral (or exciting!) backdrop, practice with your team and then go live! You can engage with commenters in real-time to create a conversational feel and add life to your video. But, before you go live, make sure you have a timely and relevant message to share. 

Don’t abandon pre-recorded video

You’d be surprised how much professional content is now recorded using modern iPhone or Android devices. You don’t have to have an elaborate setup to create awesome video content. Video content creators are getting creative at home, delivering stellar, albeit adjusted, video content that they create using around-the-house items. Your company can do this, too! Task your team with filming their job and splice the clips together to give your customers a glimpse at what work looks like for your industry. 

It’s time to design! 

Have you been putting off a website redesign for years because you didn’t have the time? Now is a great time to get the wheels turning and think about your new website. Start by taking an audit of your existing website. What needs to be updated? Whether it’s just your language that needs to be refreshed, or your entire site feels Windows ‘98 reminiscent, you’ll be better off post-pandemic when business resumes and your new site is popping!