Holiday spots that… hit the spot

There’s nothing that screams “it’s the holiday season” quite like Andy Williams and American consumerism. Regardless of how you feel about the gifting rush, you have to give it to the clever marketers and advertising executives who spent the month of May crafting the perfect message to make us open our wallets come November. Holiday commercials have always been the pinnacle of advertising excellence – behind only the high-dollar spots during the Super Bowl. And year after year, brands large and small are delivering on their promise to make us laugh, cry and buy in 30 seconds or less. 

If you are reading this in 2020, you are emotionally primed for heartwarming messages, and boy oh boy, did marketers bring out the big Nerf guns this year. Grab a box of tissues, your growing letter to Santa and your credit card because this year’s list of holiday commercials are stronger than ever before. 

Kohl’s capitalizes on our desire for connection.

Set to a remixed version of Kermit the Frog’s Rainbow Connection, Kohl’s “Give With All Your Heart” campaign perfectly highlights the melancholy nature of this year while simultaneously putting into focus the beauty of even the smallest connection. When a little girl befriends her elderly neighbor through their shared windows, a heartwarming story about disappointment and a holiday miracle is born.

Build your own ballet with Amazon. 

Missed celebrations and unceremonious accomplishments dot the story lines of many lives this year. Amazon’s “The Show Must Go On” campaign highlights one ballerina’s efforts to earn the role of her dreams, only to find that circumstances make that show impossible. In spite of challenges, and with the help of a loving sister and some spotlights from Amazon, she finds a way to shine (and entertain the neighborhood) through dance. 

Etsy’s telling trio paints an accurate picture of family in 2020.

Through three short-format ads, Etsy’s “Gift Like You Mean It” campaign articulates the unique facets of being “with” family in 2020 while also emphasizing the importance of supporting small creators. Each ad tells a specific story, with heartwarming gifts and neatly wrapped storylines. All of them are great – but be sure to grab the tissues before watching.  

Duluth Trading Company highlights the unsung heroes.

We’ve all come to appreciate the important work done by frontline workers. But there are also a lot of people behind the scenes that keep our favorite businesses and establishments moving forward. Duluth Trading Company cleverly highlighted the background hero of the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, and the way that she supports Santa’s magical efforts. Thanks to her, we’re expecting on-time deliveries this year.