From likes to leads: Say yes to social media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, significantly impacting how we connect, communicate and consume information. You may wonder whether your company needs to integrate social media into your company’s daily operations. Below, we highlight three reasons why embracing social platforms can be a game changer for your brand.

Brand awareness

According to Forbes, there are currently 4.9 billion active users on social media globally. Social platforms offer businesses a unique opportunity to expand their reach and build brand awareness. Creating compelling content can enhance a company’s digital footprint landing it on the newsfeed of diverse audiences across multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and the new kid on the block, Threads. Sharing links on your social media encourages website visits, boosts conversions and positively impacts SEO efforts. Showing your brand authentically online secures customer loyalty and can ultimately improve your bottom line.

Targeted marketing

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game. This is where social media can be the ace up your sleeve. Strategically developing content tailored to targeted audiences on specific platforms can give your company an edge that far outweighs your competition. Whether they buy immediately or at a later date, Forbes reported 76% of users bought something they saw advertised on social media. Targeted marketing allows you to customize your advertising so your message is shown to specific demographics based on age, race and location; personal interests; and online behavior. Leveraging this user data allows you to allocate your dollars efficiently while increasing your conversion rates.

Thought leadership

Authenticity is a powerful tool. People want to trust who they give their time and money to. By sharing valuable insights and expertise on your social media, you position your brand and employees as trusted sources. Did your CEO recently speak on a panel with other industry experts? Do you have a staff member who developed a new product? Was there a blog or news article written about these milestones? That information can be shared beyond your website to ensure it’s reaching a vast array of people who could be your future customers, investors and partners. Thought leaders inspire and guide; social media can be your podium.

Shares, likes, and comments. These actions can be indispensable for your brand, leading to higher search engine rankings, organic visibility and acquisitions. If you are looking to build up your brand reputation and reach the right customers, our team can help. Contact us today!