Finding Creativity

Creativity is an important trait to possess in the PR profession. There are so many areas in which we need to input creativity, from brainstorming ideas to crafting content and from developing communication plans to pitching the media. And, it’s true that creative people can often deliver at the drop of a hat, being able to throw out a number of ideas or create colorful content on the fly. But sometimes, even the most creative people get in a rut and struggle to tap into their creative superpowers.

I’ve previously written about ways to break free from a rut and discover new, creative ideas. This post on Idea Generation in 3 Steps is one example. I also authored an article, published by PR Daily, titled 4 Ways PR Pros Can Recharge Their Creativity. I would recommend a good skim of those articles to anyone struggling to find creativity.

I’ve also been recently swooned by a couple of Fast Company articles I discovered while researching the topic of creativity that are worth sharing here.

This one, titled What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20, particularly struck me because the author, who’s in his 30s, noted how creativity has become more important to him – in both his professional career and his personal life – than it was when he was younger. As a … well, an older version of my younger self … I completely agree with him! I think that as we get older we may not necessarily have more time, but maturity tells us to make time – make time for the things that are most important, make time to be your best self, and make time to do your best. However, this article is a great read for anyone at any age!

This second Fast Company article that caught my attention was 10 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Creative Thinking. The author really does offer some points that, at first read, make you say “no way!” But after following the reasoning, they make perfect sense.

Something interesting that I noted in this article is that most of the situations tagged as best for creativity are the exact opposite of those for getting work done – When you are tired? Dim lighting? A messy desk? But, like I said, they make sense, and you realize that in order to find creativity, you may have to take a break from work! That’s a concept a lot of people will likely happily agree to.

So, there are just a few resources for which to skim while searching creativity, but I’d also suggest you ponder the times that you naturally tap into your creative side. Is it while sipping your coffee in the morning or enjoying a glass of wine at night? For me, it’s while driving – anywhere (from long road trips to quick errands around town). So, morning and afternoon commutes can be sacred times to think creatively.

What about surroundings in which you can be most creative? Is it at a messy desk, in the middle of Starbucks or in the middle of nowhere? Ambient music or ambient sounds? I discovered an app called Relax Melodies that plays everything from running water to the sounds of a bustling city. I recommend searching for it in your app store.

The point to finding creativity is to be purposeful in searching for it. Get out of the office. Step away from your schedule. Create an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and capitalize on the times in which your creative juices are naturally flowing. Seek and you shall find!