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Favorite moments of 2017

By | December 27, 2017

When we asked our team to reflect on the last year, we were surprised that each of their favorite moments was unique and equally contributed to a great year for our firm.

In January, Gracie became a full-time staff member. Her stellar work as an intern made her a must-have commodity, and we were equally as excited to add her to the official team as she was to join it.

We added Christina to our team in March. She took a leap of faith, leaving a job she loved to join our firm, and we are grateful she did. Her energy and enthusiasm for public relations are infectious and our team is undoubtedly stronger with her added expertise.

Murray had the cutest March with the birth of Winnie, a baby hippo at the Memphis Zoo. Murray and the Memphis Zoo team worked tirelessly to get this rolly polly baby girl in the national spotlight, and it worked! Seeing Winnie on the evening news was a highlight of our year.

Our longest-tenured employee, Lauren, was promoted to director in July. She has passionately represented Obsidian for 9 years, and her hard work was recognized through this tremendous promotion. She was thrilled to be named director!

In August, a year-long project for Whitney wrapped when the Great American Eclipse awed the nation. Whitney and Gracie worked for months to promote solar eclipse glasses and garnered national media coverage for our client. Being able to see the phenomena that they had promoted for so long was a lifetime highlight.

Taylor J., Gracie, Kelli and Murray attended PRSA International Conference in October, and that was the highlight of Taylor’s year. Four days of professional development and career enrichment were topped off by a scenic run to Fenway Park, one of her favorite jogs.  

When we asked Kelli what her favorite moment was, she couldn’t decide on just one thing. While she loved her trips to Memphis, Kelli’s favorite memories from this year came from the times the team helped her out when she needed it most. As a telecommuting employee, Kelli isn’t able to make every meeting or run quick errands here in Memphis, and she was grateful for all of the support the team always gives her.

And finally, a trip to California topped the list for Courtney and Taylor M. (and was definitely high on the list for the rest of the team)! During our trip, the team took a wine tour through the historic San Diego wine country. We ended the tour at a hillside winery with brick fired pizza as the sun set. The day truly could not have ended any better!

All in all, 2017 was a great year for our firm. We are grateful for all of our clients and vendor partners who make coming to work every day both exciting and rewarding. We can only hope that 2018 is just as great!