Encore 👏 Hit the right notes when planning your milestone event.

Planning a milestone anniversary event is similar to headlining a concert. Your company takes the stage as the lead performer, and your target audiences are your eager fans. Your timeline serves as your set list, and your PR pro is your trusted roadie. Read on as we go over four key things to keep in mind as you plan your GRAMMY®-winning performance.

1. Identify your audience.

An artist’s fans are their lifeblood, and your audience is crucial to the success of your business. Whether that’s customers, community members, stakeholders or funders, determining the audience for this specific anniversary will help in the overall planning of the event. Do you want to target more than one audience? Consider hosting multiple events throughout the year that are tailored to suit the needs of each. An outdoor festival can bring together the community, while an intimate black-tie dinner can be the perfect setting to wow your stakeholders. Once you pinpoint who you’re doing the event for, you can kickstart the planning.

2. Define clear goals.

Have you ever been to a life-changing concert? The stage was set, the performers were mesmerizing, the music moved you and the audience was singing to every word. You may have left after the encore thinking, “I’ll never forget this night.” Well, the same sentiment could be said about your anniversary event. Before you get to the big night – weeks, months and maybe years of planning can go into it. In order to pull off a big event, your goals must be clear. What do you want to get out of it? More media coverage for your company? Donations for charity? Increased engagement on social media? When you state your end goal, you can work backward to determine the proper steps it will take to get there. 

3. Set a budget.

It’s not a secret that attending concerts can cost a lot – from tickets and artist merchandise to food and drinks. The cost of executing the concert is even higher. Think of the budget for your big night like a stage map. It has to account for where lighting equipment will go, where the drum set is and where the guitar player will stand. Your budget is the financial blueprint for visualizing a successful event. Your goals help determine what you want and your budget helps figure out what’s realistic to have.

4. Create a detailed timeline.

Your event timeline is akin to a set list. From the opening song to the encore, there’s a set pace for a seamless night. Your goals are laid out, your budget is locked in. It’s time to outline each step along the way and assign it a deadline. Do you want your event held at a prestigious and popular venue? Booking that might need to be the first thing you do. Are you hiring a DJ but your event is during wedding season? Call them up quickly. The more details you can add the better to ensure a memorable time.

You don’t want to miss a note when it comes to your big day, and having a trusted roadie – or PR pro – can be just the ticket to your award-winning performance. Give us a call to keep things right on cue!