Dos and Don’ts for Twitter

While tweeting on behalf of a company, there are a few things that I’d like to highlight for you to keep in mind. Social media can be a great tool when used to represent a company in a positive light. However, it is important to recognize the power of a tweet and how 140 characters can shape how the public perceives your brand.  Here we go!
1. Unprofessional tweets can hurt your public perception. Before tweeting about an issue or releasing a statement, you should think about how this represents the company and how it would make you feel about the company if you were a customer. If the tweet requires you to question whether or not you should post it, then there’s a good chance that you should not tweet it.

2. Tweets regarding successes of the company can be beneficial in the public’s eye. Record-breaking numbers and office expansion in new areas are good things to announce. Also, if your company gets ranked at the top of a list, tweeting about it could help show the customer that you are well-known and respected and that the customer can trust your performance.

3. Never get too personal when tweeting from the account of a company. It is good to show customers that you are human and that the brand has a personality. But tweets shouldn’t reflect your individual personality, opinions or biases. I’m sure you want people to take your company seriously, so think about that when you tweet to the public.

Keeping these few key things in mind is essential to the success of your company on this particular platform. Here’s something simple for you to remember, positive tweets can help you and unprofessional tweets can hurt you. Simple as that!