Communicating with Millennials: 101

Looking for fresh, new, Millennial faces to add to your team? Then be sure to keep in mind that Millennials are a unique breed—all 80 million of them. According to parade.com, they will make up one-third of the population by 2020. In fact, a stat released in April from the Pew Research Center states that Millennials have overtaken the Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. With 34 percent having at least a bachelor’s degree, they also are the most educated generation in history.

Because of the great impact of technology, Millennials’ attention spans are shorter, and their minds typically work differently than their older colleagues. Their interests and lifestyles are simply not the same as Baby Boomers or Generation X members. As such, it’s important to know how to communicate with those Millennials before adding them to the payroll.

Be honest.

Sugar coating simply isn’t in their wheelhouse. They appreciate a straightforward approach that can help them build a strong relationship with colleagues and superiors.

Let them be engaged.

Having social media at their fingertips at all times has caused them to become very comfortable with sharing their opinions with others. As a result, they will enjoy and thrive in environments where putting in their two cents is encouraged.

Communicate your passion.

Growing up in fast-paced environments that reward people for their hard work, Millennials have naturally become very driven. Emphasizing your passion and excitement about your brand can light a fire under them, as well.

Before conducting your next interview with a Millennial, refer back to this list. It’s sure to help you connect with him or her on a deeper level, allowing you to see if they are truly a good fit for your business.


(Images from Forbes.com.)