Coffee Coffee Coffee

I’ve written about the importance of taking brain breaks during work hours, so I thought a few recent articles about the health benefits of coffee and how to use it to your advantage were interesting, especially as it pertains to drinking coffee at the right time of day to give you that extra boost and not send you crashing into a sugar coma.

I’ve been a coffee drinker for a long time, so I appreciate all of the new research stating numerous health benefits! For example, coffee is now said to aid against Type 2 diabetes, cut your risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and lower the risk of several types of cancer. I’m glad the tables have turned in favor of a good old cup of joe.

So, what should you do after your first mug of coffee wears off? Take a coffee nap. Again, research shows that resting briefly during the workday coupled with a caffeine boost can make you a better worker.

But, how do you ensure you are reaping the many rewards coffee has to offer? Here are a few tips:


Drinking the right type of coffee at the right time could help give your sluggish afternoon the kick it needs. If your daily coffee routine has lost its effect, try mixing it up with some of the tips above. If you’re a daring coffee drinker, you may want to give the next big coffee craze a try – bulletproof coffee.

Need ideas? Here are my favorite coffee choices: