Catch up with Whitney Albert!

When we last pointed the spotlight Whitney’s way, she was leading accounts as a senior account manager. Since then, she has risen in the ranks, assuming the role of director of client services. If you know Whitney, then you’re not surprised that her leadership and communication skills have helped her excel in her new position. 

With the title of director now under her belt, we wanted to ask Whitney a few questions about working life, her time at Obsidian and some of the things she loves to do when she’s not on the clock. Get to know a little more about Whitney from her answers below!



      1. Great boss 
      2. Rock star colleagues 
      3. Amazing clients 
      4. Ongoing professional development opportunities 



      • Grab a friend, a cold beverage and some Pop Secret popcorn (extra butter) and enjoy! Try to mimic the theater experience from the comfort of your couch. 



      • I would have pursued a doctorate degree and become a college professor! I love teaching others, and I think my teaching passion would be best suited for adults/older students. 



      • Hilton Head Island