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On brand: building reputation and transparency through social media

By | January 27, 2021

Social media has been my source of entertainment, news, anxiety, distraction and communication for the last few years – and certainly in 2020 when life got turned upside down. As I tumbled down the rabbit hole of my feeds, I started thinking about why I follow the pages I do. Aside from loving a brand’s mission or products/services, have you ever thought about why you choose to follow certain content threads?  

Social media is an excellent tool for sharing an organization’s mission, products, tools, services, etc. But quality content stems from a company’s ability to showcase meaningful experiences and offer followers a peek behind the curtain. Here are three ways content creators can use their organization’s social media pages to create a clear line of communication and solidify relationships with followers. 

Get real. 

Followers like to know what goes on behind the scenes at a company. Social media platforms present the perfect opportunity. By simply filming short video snippets featuring quick Q&As with team members, staff spotlights, social takeovers and highlighting team-building activities, you allow the company to connect with its base of followers and begin to build a more personal relationship. If your company is perceived as trustworthy, customers are more likely to view you in a favorable light.

Followers, specifically millennials and members of Generation Z, are good at sussing out fishy vibes on social media. They’re also quick to call it out! Presenting your organization as open, friendly and transparent allows followers to establish trust, get connected and vouch for your company to other potential followers.

Say hello.

In a world filled with countless branded gimmicks and marketing ploys, social media allows businesses to build a relationship with its customer base and interact on a personal level. A great way to build trust with your followers is to interact on social media. Let’s face it, followers are constantly on the lookout for new content and love to be included. Whether your organization uses it to provide customer updates, pose a question, solicit a review or chat it up about followers’ favorite lunch spots in town, recognizing and utilizing social media as a customer care platform can help establish trust.

Own it.

Social platforms evolve and look for new ways to connect with users. This increased access can create a brighter spotlight and leaves room for scrutiny. Brands are targeting digitally savvy customers and should know that patrons have no problem digging for receipts to ensure organizations are who they say they are.

When your company has a problem that can negatively affect customers, it’s important to own up, be honest and promise to grow. The worst thing a brand can do is sweep problems under the rug and hope no one finds out. They always do. Many brands find that openly admitting fault and taking immediate steps to alert their customers about a problem actually builds trust. 

The best way to differentiate your brand from others is to just be yourself – be “on brand” and establish yourself as a trustworthy company to help drive these conversations.