Brain-Boosting Breaks are An Important Part of the Workday

I’ve mentioned in past blog posts that public relations is a very “strategic thinking-intensive” career, and it can lead to brain fuzz. Taking a daily brain-boosting break during your lunch hour is nearly a requirement to maintain a clear mind. I polled the Obsidian team to see what their favorite BBB activities are. Here are our favorites!

Thomas: Getting a lunchtime workout in and walking to grab coffee or green tea

Kelli: I play Scramble with Friends, which is a timed word search game where you go head-to-head with your friends. It’s just like Words with Friends and is made by the same company.

Courtney: Going for a stroll outside

Kerri: Definitely phone games like LogosQuiz or reading a book

Sarah L: Crosswords, Pinterest and SnapChat #embarrassedtoadmit

Joan: Sudoku!

Crissy: Going for a run or walk outside

Erinn: Candy Crush!

Kim: When I take a work break, since we spend so much time on our computers, I prefer to do something NOT involving a computer or the Internet, and give my eyes a break if possible. Meditating, a short walk, reading something in print or sometimes playing a mindless cell phone game.

Personally, I try to do something different every day. Some days, its perusing Pinterest, playing iPhone games like Scrabble, LogosQuiz or solitaire, reading a book or watching a 30-minute TV show on Netlfix.

If you’re looking for a new break activity, Buzzfeed compiled a list of 35 random corners of the Internet you should visit when you need a break. Check it out here.