How to avoid that summer slump at work

Memorial Day Weekend has passed, and you know what that means — school’s out for summer! Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to working adults, but it’s easy to feel the urge to kick back like students during the summer months. For me, all I want to do between June and September is hang out by the pool and blast ‘90s hip hop with a cold beverage in hand.

No matter how much we love our jobs, it’s easy to find ourselves falling into a motivational slump throughout the summer. The phone may be ringing less and your workload may be lighter while customers and co-workers escape on vacation. It’s tempting to go into autopilot at the office. However, we all still have responsibilities to fulfill. The good news is there are easy ways to keep your focus and avoid that summer slump.

When the sun is shining and offices are quieter, you may feel less motivated to get your work done. To escape the feeling that your days are dragging, create a daily checklist list of tasks ‒ and stick to it! Not only will you feel the satisfaction of crossing out each completed item, but your progress will help the day fly by. Keep at it and you’ll accomplish everything you need to do before you know it.

Working inside during warm, clear days may feel like a punishment. Getting up frequently and catching some fresh air will keep your spirits up and even boost creativity. Use your lunch break to take a walk outside the office. If you’re lucky like us and work in Downtown Memphis, I recommend a stroll along the bluff for great views of the Mississippi River and our skyline. 

The best part about summertime is the extra three to four hours of sunlight after you clock out. Take advantage of the sun and go for a jog. Or if it’s too hot and humid to be outdoors, work out at home or the gym. Any activity away from your desk will re-energize you, help you sleep better and boost your motivation the next morning.

It’s OK if you’re a season late. You may find yourself with some extra downtime, so take advantage of the opportunity to clean out and purge your work area to remove unused items you’ve been hoarding. A cluttered workspace results in a cluttered mindset. Distractions on your desk can disrupt your workflow, making it more difficult to get back into a groove. Minimizing clutter and maintaining organization will help you clear your head and focus on your work.

Summer is the toughest time for testing our urge for all play and no work. It’s basically three months of people engaging in family cookouts, beach vacations, street festivals and any other excuse to get outside. During the workweek, it’s easy to feel like everyone is out having fun without you while you’re sitting at a desk in an overly air conditioned office. If you keep your mind focused and organized, you can tackle each day with motivation and success. Then you can reward yourself with some summer fun. No doubt you’ll find me doing so at the pool.