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Apps for PR pros on the go

By | December 11, 2013

I’m sure we all have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of our local media’s smartphone apps downloaded and saved to our home screens, but what apps are other PR pros using? I’ve been using a few different productivity and news apps for a while, but recently I’ve been scrolling through the app store for new ideas. Many of my favorites actually apply to more than just PR pros. Here are a few:

  • Pulse News– Pulse is the only Android-only app I use, and I use it on my Kindle. So far, it’s my favorite newsreader, and I roll sources like BBC News, FOX News,, NBC News headlines,, Washington Post, Associated Press top news, etc. into my feed so I can read through headlines quickly. 
  • Dropbox– I use Dropbox on my laptop for several projects. The app is great when I’m away from my computer and I need to reference a document quickly. 
  • Evernote– This is seriously the best app for note-taking, organizing web clips and photos, adding reminders to note and sharing notes. You can also sync from phone to tablet to desktop. 
  • GoToMeeting– If you are a PR pro on the go, this is a given. 
  • AP Stylebook– OK, so the app is $24.99, but it makes finding AP style answers a breeze. You can just as easily log into your account via your phone or tablet’s browser and save it to your bookmarks. 
  • Compete Site Analytics– Have you ever been talking with someone about what local news outlet site has more visitors? This app ranks sites and gives you  a look at basic analytics. 
I’m still waiting for Vocus PR to come out with an app. For now, the mobile version is pretty good.  What’s the best app you’ve downloaded that you use for your job? Let us know!