Amp up your social strategy with TikTok and Reels

You should be utilizing TikTok and Instagram Reels to tell your brand’s story – like, yesterday.

When it comes to winning on social media, these platforms are key. Both TikTok and Instagram Reels create the perfect way to build brand awareness and educate people without losing their attention. If you want to amplify your brand’s mission, start by revamping your social media strategy to include more short-form videos. Here are the main things to consider to help you get started. 

What should my videos look like?

Your TikTok and Instagram Reels videos should be 9:16 and a full-screen, vertical 1080 x 1920 crop. You can play around with the size, but your video will either not take up the full screen, or the top and bottom will get cut off, so it’s best to stick with the aspect ratio that’s native to the channel.

How long should my videos be?

TikTok and Reels are designed around scrolling from video to video, so you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Some of the highest performing videos are between 20 and 35 seconds long, although you can go up to 10 minutes on TikTok, if needed. Create content with the most important and entertaining information in first few seconds to try and stop people from scrolling and keep them focused on your brand.‍ 

How often should I post?

TikTok recommends posting three to five times per week, similar to other social media platforms. Posting less frequently than that makes it difficult for your brand to be discovered in the TikTok algorithm. 

However for Reels, the Instagram algorithm is on your side. Instagram displays Reels based on your location, the people you follow and similar content you have engaged. So you don’t have to post as often to garner good reach. 

Should I use hashtags?

According to TikTok, sticking to two or three hashtags can help your posts perform best. The TikTok algorithm is difficult to predict, but you’re better off using hashtags that are more relevant to your post to find your ideal target audience. 

Social media gurus have wavered on the importance of hashtags when it comes to Instagram. However, according to the app’s interface – they are meaningful. Instagram recently added an exclusive Reels tab to the hashtag search results page, which lets us know that hashtags for Reels are likely increasing in importance.

What about influencers?

Influencer marketing has evolved into less of a cookie-cutter, filtered persona and more of a creator-driven space. People are looking for content that not only entertains, but educates. Your brand should look to reinvigorate your influencer strategy on both TikTok and Instagram by working with creators who are able to bring your message to life in meaningful ways. 

What NOT to do…

It’s really easy to say, “We’ll just repost on Reels/TikTok.” But, this is a key mistake brands make. Instagram has updated its algorithm so that it does not prioritize the videos with certain aspects or issues. 

Are you ready to dive into your new digital engagement strategy? We’d be happy to help you along the way. Contact us for more insight.