9 things that make Memphis 0ur number 1

Our team is filled with people who experience Memphis through completely different lenses. Some were born and raised here, with decades of memories spanning from the suburbs to the river, while others couldn’t have located Memphis on a map prior to moving here. Regardless of our personal Mid-South history, we have a shared affinity for Memphis. We don’t all appreciate the same things about this city; in fact, the things that we love about Memphis are as unique as the members of our team. But in our eyes, that’s what 901 Day is all about ‒ celebrating Memphis in a way that is communal and simultaneously deeply personal. 

Last week, our team submitted the nine things that contribute to their love of Memphis. From food to activities and feelings, here is what our team had to say:

Addison Walker – Our Mississippian turned Memphian who’s a fan of the heavy hitters.

Brittany Mizell – Our adventurous Mississippian with an affinity for the arts.

Jackson Brown – Our newest recruit and freshest face in Memphis.

MC Mullins – Native of Germantown, but has Memphis at heart. 

Carlee Smith – Our Arkansan (but essentially Memphian) with a song in her heart. 

Christina Babu – Our returned Memphian who’s in touch with local culture.

Courtney Ellett – Lifelong Memphian with a rich hometown history.

Gracie Lee – Our Memphian who’s always up on the latest happenings.

Jenna Taylor – Our suburbanite turned Midtowner with an awesomely eclectic agenda. 

Lauren Hannaford – Our lifelong Memphian with an appreciation for the classics.

Murray Lace – Our athletic Arkansan turned Downtowner.

Taylor Jolley – Our transplanted East Memphian who seeks all things cozy. 

Whitney Albert – Our good-time gal who knows where to find a good time (and glass of wine).