3 ways to reap video post benefits when you don’t actually have b-roll

Spend a few minutes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and you will quickly come to realize video posts are becoming more and more common. That fact isn’t a coincidence. Platforms are prioritizing video content more than static imagery. Videos are fed to users like you at a higher frequency as a result. If you’re thinking your business will never be able to keep up with this trend because its media arsenal lacks b-roll, think again. 

At Obsidian, we are known for being storytellers, but we are also problem solvers. So, how can you leverage video on social media if you don’t have any footage to use? We’ve got to get creative. 

1. Use animation features in graphics.

Adding movement to text in graphics shared on your social platforms is an easy way to get that MP4 file status. Canva is an easy-to-use tool that can help you achieve this. From adding text that looks like it’s being typed in real time to having copy slide in from outside the frame as shown here, there are many options when it comes to adding animation. It’s important to not go crazy with this element, though. I recommend adding the same animation style to all text or including static verbiage alongside a piece of animated copy. Doing so creates a piece that is easy on the eyes rather than overwhelming.

2. Leverage stock video.

Stock video is your friend. Canva offers a ton of stock video clips that are easily searchable within the platform using keywords. I have had luck using clips for a wide range of clients – think restaurants, special events and even professional janitorial companies. You can use these videos as they come, trim them to feature just a few seconds, add your logo to the corner of the frame or lay text over the top. There are so many possibilities when you start thinking outside the box! Check out this example of wine being poured into a glass that is great for restaurants.

3. Create slideshow-style videos.

Let’s talk Instagram Reels. These can be created and shared within the Instagram app. Instead of using video clips as part of your Reel, you can feature static images that appear in quick flashes. Bonus points if you add a tune whose beat matches the rate at which the images change. Check out an example of just that here. You can browse thousands of audio options within the Reel creation section of your Instagram app. When your Reel is finished, you can download it to your phone and share it across other social media channels.

No video? No problem! Take these three tips into account and watch your social media analytics rise.