Taylor Jolley

Account Specialist and Brand & Culture Manager

Most of Taylor’s life has been lived in a quiet South Florida town. Her childhood was spent with friends at the beach and grilling out with her family around their pool. When it was time to head to college, Taylor packed her bags and headed to the plains of Alabama, leaving her flip-flops and little piece of paradise behind.

At Auburn University, Taylor found her passion for communication arts and servant leadership. She grew in these areas by declaring a public relations major and serving on campus in Auburn’s Director of Athletics office, as her sorority’s president, and as head counselor for Auburn’s freshman orientation program.

Never one to shy away from a challenge and adventure, Taylor moved to the Music City and started a business after graduation. She used her PR knowledge to grow her business and interact with her client base. While in Nashville, she took a weekend trip to Memphis and was attracted to the city’s unique history and culture. After realizing that her heart was truly with PR and Memphis, Taylor handed her business to her partner and took a position with the firm she most admired – Obsidian PR.

At heart, Taylor is a quirky girl with a love of trying new things. She is unapologetically herself, and this shines through in all of her personal and business interactions. In her free time, she enjoys listening to podcasts, learning new recipes and catching up on all forms of social media. She hopes to spend the rest of her life falling in love with cities she has only dreamed of visiting.

Client Accounts
Collierville Education Foundation
Collierville Partners in Education
Germantown Baptist Church
Memphis Symphony Orchestra
Momentum Nonprofit Partners
Resurrection Health
State Systems, Inc.
The Maria Montessori School