Mesha Crump

Account Executive

Mesha has always been a lover of communicating, and those that know her well would say she has a way with words — most times, without prompt. Naturally, when she was introduced to the world of PR by her college advisor, she was intrigued. And when she first began her career at Obsidian, it was a dream to join a team that made it a priority to use communication to help impactful business and social service organizations elevate their presence and expand reach.

Before returning to Memphis after nearly six years in New York City, Mesha was able to take all of the foundational knowledge and experience from OPR and infuse some creativity and variety into positions she held in the nonprofit sector. During her time in special events and alumni relations with the University of Oxford North American office, it brought her great joy to know that she helped modernize communication efforts for such a stately and historical institution. Mesha went on to work in fundraising for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, where she was also given the reins to design and execute e-marketing efforts for the department. By then, it was no mystery that PR was at the heart of all of Mesha’s experience. She knew that communication was her passion and she needed to get back to her roots. And what better place than back home, where it all began!

A Memphis native and University of Memphis alum, Mesha is happy she returned home to a revitalized city that was bursting with exciting things for engaged young professionals. She is most enthused about the culinary landscape, seeing as how eating is one of her favorite pastimes and food portions in NYC are not the friendliest. But when she’s not occupied looking for the next best food truck, she is spending time with her niece and nephew.

Client Accounts
Mama Gaia
Memphis Friendship Foundation
Rebecca Adelman, PLLC
Southern College of Optometry
The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence
The Barnett Group