lauren hannaford

Lauren Hannaford

Director of Client Services

Lauren grew up in Memphis and shares in the city’s excitement in seeing revitalization, positive change and progressive resources for underserved communities. Her passion for making a difference has been instilled in her for as long as she can remember. Now, Lauren enjoys helping many of Obsidian’s clients make a positive 180-degree change in their public relations and communication efforts. With a mindset focused on goals, Lauren creates a vision for every client she works with and sets out to surpass it. She considers herself part of her clients’ teams, as well – helping them visualize, create and execute incredible strategies every day.

Prior to beginning her public relations career in 2008, Lauren was pulled toward the nonprofit world in college when she served as an intern for The Baptist Children’s Village in Jackson, Mississippi. Since then, she’s had the privilege of working with many of Obsidian’s nonprofit clients. In fact, she got her proverbial “nonprofit” feet wet with her very first client at Obsidian – DeSoto Animal Rescue Society.

When Lauren is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with ​the main men in her life – her husband, Chad, ​her ​​son, Charlie, ​and their goofy Weimaraner pup, Jackson. ​Now, her free time is mostly filled with baby laughs, trips to the dog park and trying to catch some “Zs.”