Kerri Guyton

Kerri Guyton

Director of Brand Content

While Kerri would say she’s a numbers girl – math was her favorite subject in high school and budgets, analytics and stats still get her excited – words are her first love. A natural writer since she was very young, Kerri finds personal satisfaction in crafting the perfect prose in any communication, written or verbal. And she gets to practice this skill every day in her public relations profession, which is just one of the many reasons she loves her job.

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Kerri started her advertising and public relations career at a small firm that specialized in tourism in Tupelo, Mississippi. When her husband opened a real estate company offering divisions in residential construction, neighborhood development and realty, Kerri joined the family business and ran the marketing and public relations efforts for the company. She also dug her heels into the realty side of the business, gaining valuable experience in the real estate industry. In 2010, the Guytons moved to the Memphis area, where Kerri stumbled upon an exciting opportunity at Obsidian Public Relations.

After two years as an account manager in the Memphis office, serving clients in multiple industries – including real estate, food and beverage, hotel and lodging, janitorial service, architecture, education, retail, health care, law and nonprofit – Kerri moved to Texas to assist with the opening of Obsidian’s Dallas office, taking on several additional retail and nonprofit clients in that market. After the one-year anniversary of the Dallas office opening, Kerri headed back to Memphis to take over daily management of the firm’s operations as director of client services, where she actively guided the team on all accounts from start to finish, directing strategy, editing all written work and managing processes for the office. Now, as director of brand content, Kerri oversees all external and outgoing content representative of the Obsidian brand, including website, blog, email marketing, social media, published content, client testimonials and case studies.

When the work day is over, Kerri clocks in to her “second job” as a wife and mother (and chef, chauffeur, referee, counselor, secretary, accountant and housekeeper) of four kids at Casa de Guyton in Southaven, Mississippi.