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Beware the ‘Hot Mic’: 4 Tips to Remember for Media Interviews

By | April 01, 2016

Presidential campaign season is full of great examples of what not to do during a media interview. If you’re following the current presidential race at all, you may have seen the headline from The Washington Post a couple of weeks ago – “Caught on a hot mic, Clinton speculates about Chris Christie’s support for... Read More »

6 Tips for Handling a PR Crisis

By | March 30, 2016

When I was in college, I lived with my sister in an off-campus apartment with reserved parking for each unit. While there were plenty of visitor spaces, our neighbor’s boyfriend always parked in our spots despite us asking him to move at least once per week. One time while I... Read More »

Why PR is like the relationship between Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes

By | March 09, 2016

Author’s note: Spoiler alert! Season six plot details are revealed in this blog. If you’re a Downtown Abbey devotee like me, you’re aware of the budding relationship between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes over the last two seasons. Last season’s proposal by Mr. Carson to Mrs. Hughes was a dream... Read More »

Obsidian Public Relations – Where stories take flight (1 minute video)

By | February 18, 2016

4 Ways to Combat Sensationalism in the Media

By | August 03, 2015

Being in the PR industry gives me a front-row view of one major challenge for businesses and individuals alike: reckless and sensational journalism. I’m not the first to bring up this point. In fact, many in our industry and the news media themselves have brought up this issue on numerous... Read More »

Do you struggle with pitch follow-up anxiety?

By | July 08, 2015


I have a confession that may sound a little silly. I suffer from pitch follow-up anxiety. Is it as prominent as it was when I first began my career? Not at all! I’ve certainly grown as a professional since my very first media pitch. But, I still get the familiar... Read More »

Pitch Perfect

By | January 15, 2015


If you were hoping this was going to be a post about the recent announcement of Pitch Perfect 2 opening in May 2015, I am sorry to disappoint you. As one of my favorite comedies, I would like nothing better than to list my top five movie quotes complete with... Read More »

No Interview, No Comment

By | November 11, 2014

A media interview is an important opportunity to express your opinion, state the facts or just let your brand’s voice be heard among the noise of social media and conversational chatter. I read an article by Brad Phillips on PRDaily titled “7 times to turn down a media interview” that... Read More »

Tips and tricks to perfect your pitch

By | November 04, 2014

Through all positions I held and numerous lectures I attended about PR, one of the most important rules that I learned is about pitching and how to make it stick out. When I first started my PR journey, I didn’t think pitching would be that huge in my career. Boy,... Read More »

What Makes for a Great News Story

By | September 04, 2014

On any PR blog, you will find at least one post – more than likely you’ll find several – about what constitutes newsworthiness, as it is our business to distribute news about our clients. We are often put in the position of explaining to our clients what is and isn’t... Read More »