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When Lava Meets Water,

When Lava Meets Water,

Something Magical Happens.

Something Magical Happens.

When Lava Meets Water,

Something Magical Happens.

Obsidian is the dark natural glass that forms when molten lava meets water and is rapidly cooled. This is what strategic public relations can do for your company — it tempers fires and gives you a solid, impenetrable foundation in an ever-fluid business environment. Known as The Great Stabilizer, Obsidian the mineral is widely regarded for its mystical power of insight. And so is Obsidian the firm. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Obsidian is known as the go-to firm for companies and not-for-profit organizations alike.

The Wizard Behind The Curtain

For far too long, public relations has been the invisible and mysterious cousin to advertising and marketing. But, it’s really easy when you think about it. When an organization connects to the people it cares about, that’s PR. When your story is told (in whatever lovely and purposeful fashion), that’s PR. Pure and simple.

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  • Seeing is Believing
    Oh, yes we did!

    Obsidian’s media relations efforts helped a nonprofit increase the amount of money raised at its biggest fundraiser by 46 percent in two years.

    -$88,156 raised in 2010
    -129,500 raised in 2012

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    Top 10 Things I Love About Our Team

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  • Staff Story
    Driven. Competitive. Motivated. Enthusiastic.

    Recently promoted to account executive, Ali Glemser has been with Obsidian PR just two years, yet is making big strides within our industry. Ali brings tenacity and energy to each of her accounts.

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  • Clients love us!
    Many clients consider Obsidian PR a true partner in business.

    ServiceMaster by Stratos CEO Stacy McCall is one such client who looks to our firm for more than simply promotion. We are like in-house staff in many ways – see how she describes our role with her company.

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It’s no secret. Anyone who knows us knows we’re serious about PR. But we have a lot of fun doing it. We are storytellers. We are planners. We are doers. We are your brand’s best friend.
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Top 10 Things I Love About Our Team

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